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Sidney Smith Cafe

100 St. George St

Toronto, ON

@2017 Metro Vancouver Union • University of Toronto

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vanu thanksgiving potluck

Sunday • 10.08.17 • 5-9pm • 1055 Bay St.
VANU presents:
Thanksgiving Dinner!


Well VANU is back with a cozy event in celebration of the fall weather! 
We’re back with our annual VANU Potluck night!

Since this is a potluck event, make sure you bring a food dish! 
We’re hoping to see some mad cooking skills (but store-bought food is OK too)! 

Admission & Membership - $10

Admission Only - $5





past events:

Condo Party ᛫ 02.17.17

Condo Party ᛫ 11.12.16