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Sidney Smith Cafe

100 St. George St

Toronto, ON

@2017 Metro Vancouver Union • University of Toronto

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About Us

Established in May 2014, Metro Vancouver Union, abbreviated as VANU, is a student-based association at the University of Toronto. Our purpose is to assist students from the Metro Vancouver area through their time in Toronto, making their transition to the new city a valuable experience. We hold monthly events for members to know each other and expand their social circle. VANU provides opportunities for our members to meet new peers who share similar hardships and come from agnate backgrounds. 

Our Goal

As a student body and as enthusiastic individuals, we deeply care about the state of our new community. We are often searching for opportunities to contribute to our second home. VANU offers the prospect of internships and volunteering in hopes for our members to gain beneficial skills while developing a compassionate mindset. Through our involvement in the community, members will find the sense of belongingness in the new city, building a link between Toronto and Vancouver.

Who Are We?