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Sidney Smith Cafe

100 St. George St

Toronto, ON

@2017 Metro Vancouver Union • University of Toronto

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Sunday • 10.08.17 • 5-9pm



1055 Bay


Free - Members

$5 - Non Members

$10 - Membership!


VANU back with our annual Potluck night! Since this is a potluck event, make sure you bring a food dish! 
We’re hoping to see some mad cooking skills (but store-bought food is OK too)! 

VANU Thanksgiving Potluck

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Having trouble adjusting to the city? Looking for people to chill with? Trying to revive your dying social life from the rigors of university? Don't You Worry Child, because VANU IS HERE FOR YOU!


It doesn't matter if you're from Vancouver, Asia - at VANU, we are here for everyone. So what are you waiting for? New friends are just around the corner!

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welcome to vanu!